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About Rideau & Harvest Engineering:

Pioneers in Global Industrial Engineering

Welcome to Rideau & Harvest Engineering – your hub for innovative civil engineering solutions. Established in 2010, we are a dynamic, employee-owned consultancy committed to global industrial excellence. Our expertise spans a broad range of services, including Geotechnical, Environmental, Material Testing (Aggregate, Concrete, and Asphalt), Transportation, and Hydrotechnical Engineering.

At Rideau & Harvest Engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering high-value projects with adaptable, top-tier solutions. Our approach combines cutting-edge innovation with a decade of experience, reflecting our commitment to continual growth and unwavering success.

Based in Alberta, we have successfully spearheaded many projects, constantly striving to exceed customer expectations and set new industry benchmarks. Our skilled team of engineering partners and contractors are dedicated to not just meeting, but redefining industry standards. We ensure swift, efficient, and exceptional project completion, making us a trusted name in civil engineering.


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We Use Industrial Equipments And Modern Technique To Bring Your Vision And Ideas Into Reality.
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Why Choose Us

Your Premier Choice for Comprehensive Engineering Solutions & Construction Management

Innovative Project Management & Diverse Expertise

we are leaders in integrating innovative lean methodologies in project management, along with a wide-ranging expertise in key engineering disciplines. Our proficiencies include Municipal Road Design, Geotechnical, Environmental, Material Testing, Transportation, and Hydrotechnical Engineering. Our corporate philosophy is deeply rooted in ensuring efficiency and excellence in both our engineering solutions and construction management practices.

Expertise Through Continuous Development in Specialized Fields

Our unwavering commitment to continuous growth is highlighted in our robust staff development program. This encompasses structured mentoring, in-depth education in project management principles, and comprehensive RHENG business courses. Specialized training in crucial engineering areas ensures our team excels in delivering innovative solutions and effective construction management across all our service domains.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Engineering and Management Practices

We are staunch advocates for sustainable engineering solutions and responsible construction management. Our projects are meticulously planned and managed to ensure minimal environmental impact, aligning with global standards for eco-friendly and sustainable practices in both engineering and construction management.

Client-Centric Approach in Project Delivery

Our approach is deeply client-focused, ensuring that we understand and meet the unique needs of each client. We engage collaboratively, ensuring transparency and open communication throughout the project management process. This strategy guarantees tailored solutions that perfectly align with our clients' objectives and requirements.

Advanced Technological Integration in Management Processes

RHENG stays at the forefront of technological advancements, leveraging the latest software and techniques to enhance our project management efficiency. In fields like Material Testing and Transportation Engineering, we utilize innovative technologies to improve precision and efficiency in management and execution.

Upholding Robust Safety and Quality Standards in Construction Management

We maintain the highest standards in safety and quality in all aspects of our operations, particularly in construction management. Our rigorous safety protocols and quality control measures ensure the utmost in safety and excellence in every project we manage.

Global Perspective with Local Construction Management Expertise

Our global perspective, combined with local construction management expertise, allows us to effectively undertake international projects. We bring a deep understanding of local regulations, cultures, and environmental factors, ensuring successful project delivery in diverse geographical locations.

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