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Based in Alberta, we have successfully spearheaded many projects, constantly striving to exceed customer expectations and set new industry benchmarks.

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Welcome To Rideau & Harvest Engineering

Pioneers in Global Industrial Engineering

Welcome to Rideau & Harvest Engineering – your hub for innovative civil engineering solutions. Established in 2010, we are a dynamic, employee-owned consultancy committed to global industrial excellence. Our expertise spans a broad range of services, including Geotechnical, Environmental, Material Testing (Aggregate, Concrete, and Asphalt), Transportation, and Hydrotechnical Engineering.

At Rideau & Harvest Engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering high-value projects with adaptable, top-tier solutions. Our approach combines cutting-edge innovation with a decade of experience, reflecting our commitment to continual growth and unwavering success.

Based in Alberta, we have successfully spearheaded many projects, constantly striving to exceed customer expectations and set new industry benchmarks. Our skilled team of engineering partners and contractors are dedicated to not just meeting, but redefining industry standards. We ensure swift, efficient, and exceptional project completion, making us a trusted name in civil engineering.

Our Core Values

We are always to take on Bigger, Intriging, and Challenging Projects !!!


At RHEng, creativity is the standard. We lead with inventive solutions, continuously setting new benchmarks in the engineering world. Our core principles don't just define us, they propel us forward, firmly establishing RHEng as a paragon of engineering excellence.


Our approach is strategic and meticulous. We don't just manage projects; we craft bespoke strategies aimed at mitigating risks and maximizing outcomes. Our pursuit of innovation is relentless, shaping an approach that's as forward-thinking as it is effective.


We believe in the power of collaborative teamwork, recognizing that our greatest successes stem from collective effort and diverse perspectives.


At RHEng, innovation isn't just a concept, it's the driving force behind everything we do. We steadfastly prioritize superior quality over quantity, ensuring that every project we undertake is not just completed, but masterfully executed.


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We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable relationship with our clients.

Our Vision And Values

Focused Excellence in Engineering

At RHEng, our goal is straightforward: deliver effective, innovative solutions with a foundation of trust, teamwork, and quality. We specialize in a range of services: Municipal Road Design, Geotechnical, Environmental, Material, Transportation, and Hydrotechnical Engineering. Our approach is more than just meeting objectives; it’s about making smart, lasting decisions that benefit our clients, our team, and the community.

We use our creativity and expertise to achieve superior results in all these fields. From designing sustainable roads to advanced work in water engineering, our dedication guides our choices and interactions with clients. This reflects our promise to bring excellence to every project, positively impacting society and the environment.
Our vision is powered by diverse ideas, combining different views for the best engineering solutions. With a focus on comprehensive thinking and varied approaches, we create an inclusive environment. This approach is essential in our work, from environmental to transport engineering, enhancing our connection with clients and ensuring value without compromising quality.